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Client: Michel, UK
Skill: HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, WordPress

Launch Project
Risk Warning
This website provides information about SATF PLC . SATF PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The content of this website has been prepared by SATF PLC from its records and is believed to be accurate but we do not accept any liability or responsibility in respect of the information or any views expressed herein.

This website is designed for professional and sophisticated investors only. Certain jurisdictions have restrictions imposed by law on the distribution of financial information and the sale of investment products. It is the responsibility of the user of this website to acquaint themselves with and observe the laws and regulations of their relevant jurisdiction.

The website is provided for the main purpose of providing generic information on SATF PLC and on our investment philosophy. It is not intended to offer investors the opportunity to invest in any Fund product. The website should not be relied upon as including sufficient information to support any investment decision.

Commitment to people

We believe that a commitment to people is paramount to success as the strength of our results in the long run will reflect the strength of our team.
We are proud to have attracted and retained a team of extremely talented individuals who are all long-term thinkers. We believe that a team-oriented, harmonious working environment, where people can develop and grow both personally and professionally, is critical to ensuring we succeed in future.

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